Valery Clemente is an energetic and creative woman starting a career as a social media manager. She helps clients to craft and spread their messages through social media platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook.
In the Information Age anyone with an internet connection can start a service business. The challenge is to cut through the clutter and be perceived as a legitimate and genuine professional to be noticed and considered by prospect clients. The purpose of this project was to give this energetic solopreneur a cohesive visual image to represent her social media management business through the different online platforms and print media, to help communicate and establish standing as a serious business.
Using a first logo drawing a family member had helped with by her request, this clever young lady started to set up her official social media accounts and even started her own webpage and first materials. But she could feel it wasn't still exactly what she needed. "I feel it is missing something else...". She also knew she will need a business card and some sort of template to identify her business posts on social media.
We helped her to clarify her business needs in terms of design. Together we explored different ideas to resolve the "missing something else" until the new identity was born. We turned the logo into a more appropriate design for what she was intending to use it for. Then expanded it into an identity system applicable to the different digital and print environments the brand will live.
This is the resulting logo and variations...
... and her so much needed stationery!
We developed a brand style guide on which she can rely to put together new business material. This document is a digital file for easy consult on any device.
Now using her templates and the developed brand style guide, she can develop her own branded content with a cohesive design plan and help her business differentiate from others on the social media platforms.
Here are some of the deliverables we made for Valery: logo with color palette and font selection, social media background templates, presentation templates, a pattern, Facebook cover image, Facebook icon and the stationery.
There are many factors to determine the success of a new brand established through 
social media platforms. We believe it was not only the thoughtful appropriate design she was smart to take care of from the beginning, but also the consistency and quality with which the 
platforms are being nurtured by Valery, has brought a growing community to her business. 
She has received inquiries from bigger prospect clients, and even other marketing 
professionals are seeking her advice.

Blessings Valery!!! Smart work pays off!

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