Daris Clemente
My name is Daris Clemente Hernández, Graphic Design Consultant, lover of music and good coffee. I am a fan of good design and I love typography. 
Clemente Design is the sum of all my experiences in the world of commercial graphic design. My mission as a designer and consultant is to help honest entities and entrepreneurs to present their brands and messages in a graphically effective way, propelling them toward their objectives and goals in a strategic and planned manner.
Through more than 12 years, I have humbly helped many clients creating and re-designing their logos, setting up brand identities, helping with web design and crafting advertisement on its many forms.
My love for design and training on the field started in my high school years at the Central de ArtesVisuales in Santurce, Puerto Rico, where I had the opportunity to deeply dive into the foundations of commercial design. My education goes from a Bachelor on Communications (yr. 2004) through a Master degree on Graphics Design. (yr 2007).